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Shi Martz brings together the discipline of Chartered Accountancy with the creativity of Business Development, the accuracy of Audit and Risk Management and the panache of Professional Speaking. We take a hands-on role and we pride ourselves on knowing facets of a client’s business personally.

We take a particular pride and care in ensuring clients assets are protected as best they can be, and that clients pay only the minimum tax they are obliged to pay. This is done through pro-active advice and questions from us, we do not wait for you to ask the questions!

We enjoy working with clients on the myriad of aspects that comprise a business where each part inter-relates with the others. In essence it’s all about a partnership that results in you the client, getting all your ducks in a row.

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Your dynamic and interactive style provided a good blend of humour, stories and practical information as you addressed the subject of Wealth Creation. Our members thoroughly enjoyed your ability to combine obviously ‘hard gained’ experience, practical information and advice, on a platform of interactive and appropriate humour. Your presentation drew the audience in, held their attention and left them wanting more. Well done and congratulations on achieving such a professional result.

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Robyn Dunlop President, NZATD - Canterbury

Industries We Cover

The team at Shi Martz has a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries.